TRC employee Tammy Harmon’s daughter Rachael, has received a Memorial Scholarship awarded by The National Industrial Belting Association (NIBA).

In 1990, NIBA instituted a college Memorial Scholarship program, which honors the memory of past officers, directors and committee members for their strong dedication to the NIBA organization. NIBA annually awards six $2,000 scholarships for employees and children of employees of NIBA, Distributor/Fabricator and Manufacturer member companies who make a difference in their communities, their churches and their schools through service.

NIBA’s criterion for the scholarship includes 60% written essay based upon community outreach and academic achievements, 20% community/school activity and 20% history of leadership at school and work.

“Rachael has always been a loving and compassionate person. She really strives to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Ms. Harmon.

Rachael demonstrated a strong dedication to several community social service organizations who support the homeless, which was one facet of the award. Additionally, Rachael, who currently attends the University of Dayton, volunteered to beautify the Dayton, Ohio community by picking up trash and removing graffiti. Rachael also volunteered in a local inner-city elementary school and spoke to the class about the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Brian Laughlin, Sales Manager for TRC’s Pang Industrial and NIBA member, said “We are thrilled that Rachael was awarded this scholarship. She is truly deserving and as long as I have known her, she has always been active in serving her community, like when she and her mother volunteered for the Pelotonia ride to find a cure for cancer.”

Rachael attributes her community-minded service to her parents Tammy and Dick Harmon. According to Rachael, “My Mom and Dad have been great role models and examples as they instilled the importance of serving others. I am thankful to both for their love, support and being great role models.”

All of the TRC companies and employees congratulate Rachael on being honored with this scholarship!

You can learn more about this scholarship and Rachael by visiting the NIBA web site at

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