TECH Tire Repairs

TECH Tire Repairs has been the trusted name in tire repair and wheel service solutions since 1939. TECH™ guarantees that the repair will last for the tire’s lifetime.

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TECH Outdoors

TECH Outdoors™

TECH Outdoors™ specializes in tire repair products for ATVs, lawn tractors, golf carts, and off-road vehicles. 

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Truflex/PANG™ is known for quality and reliable tire and tube repairs, bonding chemicals and more.


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PANG™ Industrial

PANG™ Industrial extends the life of industrial equipment with products for conveyor belt repair, wear resistance and corrosion protection.


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Salvadori specializes in designing and manufacturing recycling equipment. Salvadori equipment begins the downsizing process of tires up to 63″ / 160 cm (inside diameter). Salvadori also produces molding equipment to create almost anything out of recycled rubber, such as rubber mulch, parking curbs, and rubber sheets. 


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Polywood believes life is about following your passion. Polywood creates comfortable & stylish outdoor furniture that’s great for the Earth and built to last.


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Advanced Mobility Solutions

Advanced Mobility Solutions (AMS) exists to actively participate in the global mobility ecosystem, to identify, evaluate, develop, and commercialize new leading edge mobility solutions, which in turn will fuel our businesses and lives.


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