Passenger & Light Truck

Millions of miles of road are traveled globally on passenger and light truck tires that have been repaired by TRC products. When a nail or other debris damages a tire, tire repair shops rely on products from TRC Companies that permanently repair tire damage. Through our TECH™ Tire Repairs and Truflex/PANG™ brands, as well as several private label brands, TRC produces a full range of tire repair materials for tires ranging from passenger to off-the-road tires. We also partner with top-quality suppliers to offer all the wheel service products and machinery required to properly repair and service tires. Along with our trusted repair and service products, TRC offers hands-on training to teach rubber repair best practices to our customers.


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Heavy Truck & Retread

The trucking industry relies on products from TRC to keep heavy trucks on the road. TRC products provide the tire repairs, RFID tags, tools, and vulcanizing equipment that mechanics rely on to service large, heavy truck tires. Retreading extends the life of heavy truck tires, and repairing retreaded tires has become the industry standard, innovated by TRC. 

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Off the Road

Massive earth movers and industrial construction equipment have demanding needs for tires. When these tires need to be repaired, companies look to TECH™ Tire Repair for a heavy-duty solution that will get their machines back to work and prolong the tire’s life. 

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Farmers and their fields rely on big machines with even bigger tires. TRC has been developing rubber solutions for the agriculture industry for decades. The scale of farms around the world has created a demand for products that can protect the investment of farm tires by extending their useful life. When a farm tire is in need of repair, farmers trust TECH™ tire repair products. TECH™ Tire Repair offers a range of products for farm tire repair.

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Consumer / DIY

Extreme adventures put tires through the ultimate durability test. TRC created TECH Outdoors™ to give riders of off-road vehicles like ATVs, 4×4’s, side-by-sides, and motocross bikes a better solution for tire repair. Permacure™ vulcanizing technology as well as TECH™ Tire Sealant is now available to consumers with TECH Outdoors’™ easy to use DIY tire repair systems. 

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Taking off or landing a 747 or fighter jet takes precision, training. . . and reliable tires. The aviation industry relies on TRC products for a range of commercial, military, and space applications. For aircraft tires, TRC supplies tire manufacturers and aviation maintenance facilities with materials that are critical to producing a perfectly balanced tire along with many other products used throughout the manufacturing supply chain. TRC also works with aviation companies to engineer custom solutions, including RFID tire tracking devices.

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Water-tight seals and inflatables are just the beginning of the maritime applications that utilize TRC products. Rubber is an essential part of shipbuilding and has multiple uses in ports and harbors. TRC’s engineering team is skilled at producing rubber that can withstand the harsh environments that the materials are exposed to in maritime environments. TRC offers custom engineering solutions for maritime. 

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Railways continue to be an essential transportation mode used around the world for the transportation of goods and people on heavy and light rail. TRC has a long history of supporting the rail industry with rubber products. TRC’s engineering solutions team offers custom product development for rail applications. 

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Mining Conveyor Maintenance

The mining industry relies on rubber for many applications. TRC’s PANG™ Industrial keeps mining businesses moving with products for conveyor belt repair and maintenance. Conveyor belts are used in a wide-range of industrial applications, from mining to food processing. Rubber is essential and TRC is a globally leading supplier of industrial rubber supplies. PANG™ Industrial products are designed for hot and cold bonding applications, wear protection, pulley lagging, and belt fabrication. 

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Wear Protection

When industrial processes put wear on machines and parts, rubber is used as a consumable that can extend the life of more expensive components. TRC produces rubber materials for wear protection and has the scale to support high volume needs as well as smaller custom orders. 

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Recycling Equipment


Recycling is part of TRC’s commitment to supporting the entire lifecycle of rubber. Most people recognize recycled rubber from their community playground. Depending on its form, rubber requires a multi-step process for recycling and reuse. Rubber recyclers utilize downsizing machines made by TRC’s Salvadori to take large tires and cut them down into small pieces that are used for a variety of applications, such as landscaping, playgrounds, and athletic fields.

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Air filled tires are reinforced by steel beads. When recycling these tires, de-beading machines are used to separate the rubber from the steel beads. By separating these raw materials, recyclers are able to extract the maximum value from the complete tire casing. TRC offers industrial de-beading systems from Salvadori.

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Molded Products

Recycled rubber can be used to create many other products. TRC offers systems for manufacturing molded products through Salvadori. TRC’s molding equipment produces rubber tiles, parking curbs, surfaces for horses, and other custom applications that are requested by our customers.

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Engineering Solutions


TRC has a legacy of working with companies to produce custom products. Our engineering team at TRC works directly with clients to create custom solutions. TRC also offers private label products that are used by some of the most recognized brands in the tire and rubber industries.

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