TECH Provides a Care Package for the Houston Astros’ Springer & Brantley

During this baseball season, two of the Houston Astros’ star players ran into some trouble on their way to the ballpark. George Springer, the Astros leadoff hitter, and Michael Brantley, the smooth swinging left fielder, got a flat tire which they had to fix quickly in order to arrive for batting practice.

While they got the tire changed, TECH would like to simplify any future challenges. According to TECH Americas General Manager Chris Intihar, “We want Springer & Brantley to know we have their back the next time they have a flat tire. With the TECH Passenger Car Emergency Repair kit and TECH 12v air compressor we sent them, they should never change another tire nor be late for a game!”

TECH notes that everyone should focus on their destination, not tire issues. TECH hopes to ensure the team doesn’t have to go through this worry on a gameday ever again.

You can find the TECH 215PK Passenger Repair kit at

Chris Intihar – TECH Americas’ General Manager

Preparing the Springer & Brantley Care Packages

Care Package Shipping Label

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