PANG Industrial recently held a technical seminar at the new Center of Excellence in Turnhout, Belgium. PANG Industrial’s Brian Laughlin was the lead trainer who trained the group on cold bonding applications using “Pangofol” all-purpose bonding cement, “Plastopang” cold-bonding PVC liquid cement and Tie Gum an all-natural rubber repair stock.

The group included several European PANG Industrial distributors and belt fabrication customers along with some PANG Industrial employees.

Attendees came from across Europe including Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Ukraine, Poland and Italy. The seminar showcased PANG’s superior cold bonding capabilities whether bonding rubber to metal, urethane or even PVCs.

Companies that support large material handling installations know that unplanned downtime is catastrophic. With the complete line of PANG Industrial products, they can get these installations up and running quickly, which has a huge financial upside.

If you would like to find out more about our training sessions or are interested in attending, please contact Brian Laughlin [email protected].

PANG Industrial is one of the brands in TRC’s portfolio and delivers on TRC’s 4r vison of Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose. To learn more about TRC and our portfolio of brands visit

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