TECH China leads the way for introducing reading to the Bulang people. As “The Tech Library” opens in Bulang Mountain, China.

In the Bulang Mountain area of Menghai County, China there are some indigenous peoples that have directly transitioned from a primitive society to a Socialist society after the founding of New China. They are called the “Leap Nation”. From farming by slash and burn, and hunting in the mountains to modern farming and livestock production, it can be said that the “Leap Nation” has by-passed thousand years of organic social development to a modern society.

Since the Bulang people’s contact with modern civilization is short, most of them only speak their local dialect. Many children do not get even a basic education of the Chinese official language. If they can’t master the common Chinese language, it is very difficult for them to venture out and live outside of the mountains. In particular, reading skills are necessary for children to function in the outside world.

The Bulang Mountain Nine-Year School is the only nine-year compulsory school on the China- Myanmar border. The school facilities meet the basic teaching needs however, computers and teachers are still insufficient to meet the student demand.

TECH China Reading CenterThe TECH Foundation established the “Tech Library” project to create a reading environment which stimulates students’ reading interest, and develops students’ reading ability through a fun and engaging environment (TECH Reading Pavilion is pictured in the image to the right). TECH China provided the critical support to launch this new learning environment. Also, as the TECH China employees became aware of the Bulang children and this project, they donated 100 sets of school supplies, including backpacks and paper supplies, for all the students.

According to TECH China’s General Manager Henry Jackson, “Rome wasn’t built in one day. Nor can charity and education be created overnight. We hope “The Tech Library” project is like a drop of water, making ripples throughout the pond. Allowing reading to illuminate the way to the world for the Bulang children.”

TECH Classroom

Students and Teachers from the Bulang Mountain Village Elementary School

Children in Bulang Mountain Village Kindergarten

Students and Teachers from the Bulang Mountain Village Middle School

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