Importance of Proper Tire Repair

Tech has been proud to promote proper tire repair for its 78-year history. This includes products, such as the Uniseal pictured below.  And, equally as important, proper tire repair includes training.Every year, Tech trains thousands of mechanics, retreaders, conveyor belt repairers, farmers, and others how to properly repair tires. Tech utilizes world class training facilities in the US, Europe, and Asia, along with helpful how-to videos.

In August, the state of New Jersey implemented legislation that prohibits the sale of unsafe tires. While a breadth of standards support tire safety, such as tread depth, legible tire identification numbers, or a strong inner liner, there are 2 specific tire repair standards highlighted in the legislation.

  1. Improper repairs are prohibited. This includes, “any puncture that has not been sealed or patched on the inside and repaired with a cured rubber step through the outside of a tire.”
  2. Permanent reliance on tire sealant is prohibited. Sealant can be used temporarily, but it is prohibited to, “have evidence of prior use of a temporary tire sealant without evidence of a subsequent proper repair.”

Tech applauds the state of New Jersey for implementing legislation that keeps all of us safe while traveling.

Tech Uniseal One-piece Repair

Tech Uniseal Package

For a broader overview of the legislation and the implications, please visit Tire Business’s August 14, 2017 issue (subscription required).

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