Introducing Salvadori’s MT-Rex OTR Tire Downsizing Equipment

Oct 18, 2017

Salvadori™ S.r.l., a leading manufacturer of recycling equipment, has built MT-Rex™, the world’s most advanced off-the-road (OTR) tire recycling equipment.  The patent-pending MT-Rex™ delivers the largest scale, fastest, most reliable, and most efficient tire downsizing solution.

MT-Rex™ has been successfully tested on OTR tires ranging from 47” to 57” inside diameter.  Additional tests are scheduled on 63” tires.  After loading the MT-Rex™ by forklift, the equipment can run automatically based upon pre-programmed tire dimensions.  A mandrel loads the tire to the turntable, and then massive blades cut the tire into ~50 kilogram pieces.  Once the MT-Rex’s™ work is complete, all that remains are the bead rings and the tire chunks.


Samuel Salvadori, the lead designer commented, “Salvadori has supplied hundreds of recycling machines to customers in over 40 countries.  The MT-Rex’s™ scale and power are significantly greater than anything in the market.”  Juri Salvadori, the company’s sales leader added, “Initial customer feedback has been incredible.  Mines around the world have massive stockpiles of used OTR tires.  MT-Rex™ provides a solution to convert the environmentally damaging waste-stream to reusable recycled crumb rubber.”

The MT-Rex™ can downsize a 5,000+ KG tire in 1 hour.  Run continuously for a month, one MT-Rex™ can downsize 720 OTR tires, which would generate nearly 4 million KG of downsized rubber ready for shredding.

Interested in more information?  Contact Juri Salvadori at [email protected] or +39 348 7309318.

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