TECH™ International Launches TECH Outdoors™ at National Trailfest 2016

Jun 22, 2017

TECH™ International Launches TECH™ Outdoors at National Trailfest 2016


Johnstown, OH – October 17, 2016 – TECH INTERNATIONAL, a leading manufacturer of professional tire repair materials, launched its first consumer product, a Do-It-Yourself Tire Repair System, under the TECH Outdoors brand at the National Trailfest event in Gilbert, WV with great success. After using the new system to fix his flat tire, one satisfied customer exclaimed: “This stuff is fantastic.”

Focused on off-road power sports, TECH OUTDOORS’ tire repair system is a must have any for ATV or UTV rider. Ordinary string repairs can pull out or dry out, leaving riders stranded on the trail. But TECH OUTDOORS’ PermaCure Vulcanizing Technology chemically bonds to the rubber of the tire, fixing the tire forever.

“Whether you’re in a board room, a classroom, or a break room, at TECH OUTDOORS we believe we all share a thirst for adventure.” Said Carol Rice, Vice President of Marketing. “We make sure you can escape the rigors of everyday life with the confidence that a flat tire isn’t going to keep you from getting back to civilization.”

TECH™ International

TECH™ INTERNATIONAL is a world leader in tire repair, wheel service, and industrial rubber products. For more than 75 years, TECH has been the professionals’ choice in tire repair materials. Its reputation has been built on hard work and innovation that will carry over into its new consumer brand.

TECH™ Outdoors

TECH Outdoors’ Tire Repair System with PermaCure Vulcanizing Technology is currently available on for only $14.99.

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